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Supply Chain Analytics – Are you ready to cash in on the opportunity?

High demand for supply chain professionals

We’ve been aware of the “Supply Chain Crisis” for many years now. In fact , the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics published “Are You Prepared for the Supply Chain Talent Crisis?” in 2010. Eight years later, this situation has become worse. Some reports are saying the demand for supply chain professionals is now 6:1. This is a serious issue that impacts the supply chain organizations and their overall performance.

This can be a huge opportunity for both supply chain organizations and experts in the supply chain. A highly sought after position is supply chain analytics, and your professionals may reap big rewards if they choose to go into this particular position.

Advanced Analytics as the future of Supply Chain

“Supply Chain Talent of the Future” published by Deloitte in 2015, which was based on a survey given to supply chain management said advanced analytics is the future of the supply chain. 95% of the respondents of the study said they either used advanced analytics, which includes predictive analytics and optimization or plans to use them in the future.

Another part of the survey asked Supply chain managers about technical competencies of their employee, mainly what would be required in the future versus what skills their employees had now, and the results are astounding. 46% saw advanced supply chain analytics as relevant in today’s supply chain, but 66% said that advanced supply chain analytics would be crucial in the future.

Start building your skills right now…..

As you can see, there is a huge opportunity for supply chain professionals, especially those people who have specialized in analytics. To capture this opportunity, you need to build the right skill set. On top of your skill set list should be, “optimization.” It’s also essential to understand the fundamentals of Supply Chains. Most importantly is to start working on your skill set today!

As for businesses, this is the perfect time to start teaching supply chain analytics to your employees. Your business will be ahead of the game by adding supply chain analytics to your company now. Employee training is crucial in the success of your organization, and to excel in analytics. Special attention should be placed on helping your employee build the right skill sets needed for the future in your organization.

Supply chain analytics and optimization is a huge opportunity for everyone (professionals, businesses, and trainers).

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