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5 reasons why supply chain modeling is a great career option

Supply chain modeling is a unique skill that is in high demand in the industry. Even though this job is in high demand, it doesn’t get noticed by great students and professionals. Supply chain modeling is probably overlooked because it’s not presented as a career choice. Maybe academia doesn’t prepare students with the right skill set to excel in this job.

My career started as a supply chain modeler, and if I had to start all over again, I would still begin my career as a supply chain modeler. While not everyone will feel this way, I do have a passion for supply chain modeling.

Another part of it is that I have been rewarded in my career over and over again just because I was a modeler. I tried to think back so I could explain all of the benefits that come from being a supply chain modeler, so I’ve summarized the top 5 here:

Supply Chain Modeling helps in cutting costs and maximizing efficiency for the Organization

The last several decades have been focused on growth and expansion for many businesses. Now, that growth has started to slow down. Businesses are now focusing on and being efficient and cost-effective. This means the supply chain is front and center right now, and with supply chain modeling they can reach their goals of minimum cost and achieve maximum efficiency.

In fact, ⅔ of the supply chain leader name advanced analytics as the future of supply chain modeling. ( Deloitte Survey) This is a busy and exciting time for Supply Chain workers in general but even more so for the supply chain modelers, because they are leading efforts to bring down costs while improving performance.

Supply Chain Modeling helps to understand the entire supply chain.

I know colleagues who have decades of supply chain experience, but they still don’t get the “Big Picture.” This happens with people only work in a few functions and are mostly focused on day to day operations.

When you are a supply chain modeler, from the beginning of your career, you are involved in projects that involve many supply chain functions. In other words, you see the ‘Big Picture”. You’re strategic planning lets you have a good understanding of not only the supply chain but the overall business itself if your goal is to climb to the top of the ladder, understanding how the whole business works is a huge asset.

Supply Chain Modeling helps you learn conflict management….

As a supply chain modeler, your main objective is to provide optimal decisions for the supply chain. It’s not always easy, because there are always conflicting objectives within the company you will have to deal with during your modeling.  Every part of the Organization (i.e., warehousing, transportation, sales, etc.. ) has different goals, and they often conflict with each other.

Supply chain modelers don’t just build models and then generate output, but they also design solutions that give the Organization that offers maximum value but is also acceptable to all parts of the Organization. While designing this optimal solution, a modeler often becomes an expert at conflict management and resolution.

Supply Chain Modeling helps you to network with leaders across functions….

As a supply chain modeler, you almost always work on projects that involve senior leaders in the supply chain and also those outside of the supply chain. Modeling is also about the analysis output and excellent communication skills as it is about building actual models.

You must be an excellent communicator and be able to explain the results of your model to top management and executive. In this way, supply chain modeling is similar to business consulting. With so much exposure to senior leadership, you also have an edge to over your competition when climbing the ladder.

Supply Chain Modeling is one of the most sought after and highly compensated skills …

Supply chain modeling is a very specialized skill that is very high in command. They are compensated very well, 20-30% higher than other lower level supply chain analysists. They actually have one of the highest compensation at entry level in the industry.

There are so many reasons that supply chain modeling is an awesome career choice; all of these reasons point to one major fact, supply chain modeling is building a group of future leaders to various organizations. So do you think supply chain modeling may be for you? Whether you find it exciting or boring, you won’t know until you try this position.

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