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4 specific signs your supply chain career needs more attention

Success careers require care and attention. There are sometimes that greater attention should be paid to your career than others. It’s crucial that you realize when action should be taken and how to deal with the situation at hand.

So how do you know if your career is stagnating? Your job will give you signals before it reaches the point that you’re no longer growing. It would be great if you knew those signals ahead of time and had an action plan in place.

There are common signs that everyone needs to follow like lack of motivation in your job, monotony in your position, no increase in pay, and many other symptoms like this. These are vital signs to look for with any job, and you do need looking for these to signal it’s time for a change.

There are some signals related to supply chain jobs that will tell you that your career needs attention. Let’s talk about the four sign that indicates you are stuck in your supply chain career. Then we’ll discuss how to bring your career back into focus, so you aren’t stuck in a stagnating position.

Your SCM knowledge and skills aren’t being utilized

You’ve learned items about supply chain management (SCM) in college, and you’ve probably acquired skills specifically for SCM throughout your career. When was the last time you’ve used any of that knowledge?

If you can’t remember the last time, or you never get to use your skills, this may mean you’re stuck in your current position, and it may be time to find a new role. Also, if your job can be performed by people with no specialized training in SCM, this may be the time to think about a new career move.

You have no idea how your work impacts overall supply chain

You have a role, and you work very hard in that role. However, if you don’t have any idea of how your work affects your company’s Big Picture, then that is a problem. It may be time to seriously consider your role if you can’t see how your job works within the supply chain as a whole. You may have never given this any thought and be genuinely surprised that your work has no connection to supply chain management.

You haven’t learnt anything new for some time

Things are always changing in SCM. The way a supply chain behaved and was managed a decade ago, is very different from the way it works and is managed today. So, a great indicator that you may need a change within the company or seek other employment is if you’ve not learned anything new in the past three to four years. Take a look at your current skills. Are you keeping up with current industry trends? Are your existing skills still helpful for you SCM overall? If you answer no to these questions, you may either need to learn new skills on your own or find different employment that develops their employees.

Your responsibilities haven’t increased over time

Think about this situation: You are managing planning for a product 7 years ago, and you are still currently managing planning for the product today. This means you’ve not taken on added responsibility. This doesn’t necessarily have much to do with your title or your pay scale. It’s more important than those things. Growth in a company is defined by what responsibilities you handle. Not having added responsibilities is a huge sign that you are stuck in your career.

In general, the problem is either with you, your role in SCM, or your employer. It’s important to identify the problem, to be to make changes. This is how you can figure out the issue at hand:

The problem is you don’t have right set of skills

You may feel stuck in your career if you didn’t have the set of needed for your position to begin with! Not only that, but you didn’t take any initiative to upgrade your skills.If other colleagues seem to be happy in their position and are outperforming you, The way to correct this issue is to become active in gaining the skills needed to excel in your position. Building the necessary skills may be accomplished through training on the job or something you decide to do outside of work.

The problem is you are in a dead-end job

Another reason you may feel stagnate in your career is merely speaking that you are in a dead- end job. Your position in the SCM doesn’t give you opportunities to grow. You are doing the same things day after day with no new challenges. This frequently happens with a role where there are no specific skills required. If this seems to be the case for you, then it’s time to have a conversation with your seniors or manager. It would be best if you started to look at other opportunities within your current organization. If you don’t see yourself finding a new role where you are currently employed, then you need to explore opportunities elsewhere.

The problem is you are with the wrong employer

The last reason is that your current employer doesn’t value their employees. You may have awesome skills in SCM, and you may have a very challenging and exciting role as well. However, if your employer doesn’t value your talent, you won’t have a fulfilling career. This situation is one that you must carefully plan out before you take any action. Start by talking to your mentor or friends in the CSM industry and create a plan. Be careful when talking to your managers and colleagues about this issue.

You may be facing some of these challenges right now in your career, or you may encounter them in the future. This happens to everyone at some point during their career. What makes the difference is your actions. Whether you choose to change your situation or decide to do nothing is entirely up to you.

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